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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Henry just stood up in the middle of the living room without holding onto anything. He stood there for like 20 seconds and then took 1 step!


For some reason I just feel like writing on my blog. Guess I need a break from reality. First the baby threw up, then Paul threw up, and now Eleanor's throwing up. Might I add that she threw up in the car ride home, on both new pairs of shoes at that!

Anyway, it just seems so long since I've posted about Henry. That little guy is growing too fast. Just today I bought party stuff for his 1st birthday party! He is so full of baby babble these days. A few weeks ago he just melted us when he stopped babbling "dadadadada mamamamam da" and just looked at Paul and said "Dada". Now everything is "dis" and "da" if you know what I mean. He's hilarious. He loves to laugh for any reason. He isn't walking, but I am oh so glad! It's enough that he's figured out you can use a small object to crawl up onto a taller object. He does stand without holding onto anything, but he's bound to figure the rest out any day. Unfortunately he is big on hair pulling and biting, but his smile redeems him every time.

Can't think of much else, except to say that we were thinking about buying a house in Victorville, but you-know-who pretty much killed that dream just like the rest of them. Oh well, guess God has other plans for us. At least we've got a roof over are heads and food on the table.

Will try and post pictures soon!

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